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Marriage - Istanbul City Guide
In Turkey people are mostly Muslim and the Muslim religion accepts that a man can marry more than a woman. But Turkey is a secular country – the only secular Muslim country in the world - so the Turkish civil code does not accept polygamous marriages; a man can marry just one woman and marriages should be official. In the wedding ceremony the bride usually wears a white wedding gown and the groom usually wears a suit. In Turkey marriage of Muslim women with a non-Muslim man became legally possible.

Eloping for marriage has been taking an important part in the old traditions of Turkey. The girl and boy can run away on mutual agreement but if the girl is under 18, she is sent to her parents by the officers. In old times, while children were yet in their cradle their engagement was prepared but it is not practiced anymore in Modern Turkey.

Before the wedding, the bride is taken to the bath by her lady friends. Henna night is held one day before the wedding in the girl’s home among women. After dying henna, bride and close friends enjoy themselves till morning.

Honeymoon custom is very common among Turkish couples.

Groom shave is also an old tradition, still today, in villages the groom has a beard shave on the public square of the village while his fellows dance and celebrate.
In every region of Turkey, there are differences in wedding ceremonies.

Marriage - Istanbul



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