Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul


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Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul
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Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul
Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul - Istanbul City Guide
Take a trip back in time with the electrical red trams following an enjoying route through Istiklal Street from Tunel square to Taksim square. The historical buildings lining Istiklal Street becomes more monumental while travelling inside the nostalgic trams and will add atmosphere to your day in Istanbul.

The nostalgic trams of Istanbul, once in the museum, were restored in 1989 and are now transporting more than 2500 people daily since 1990. Among the symbols of Istanbul, the nostalgic trams on Istiklal Street are in every 20 minutes from 07:00 to 22:45 (starts 07:30 on Sundays).
Alternatively, not touristic but very picturesque and local Kadikoy –Moda nostalgic tram, from Kadikoy square, is also running on the Asian side of Istanbul since 2003. The route is approximately 2,6 km with 10 stations. The tram works from 07:00 to 21:00.

Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul - Istanbul



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