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Shopping in Istanbul
Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul is a paradise for shopping; it is possible to find almost any product. Mostly shopkeepers and other staff in retail shops can speak English and they are attentive and willing to show and introduce their goods. 

Shopping in Istanbul is a part of a great vacation. 

People visiting any foreign country with touristic purposes would of course buy some souvenirs to take back to their country and visitors of Istanbul are very lucky because there are many choices such as Turkish rugs and kilims, silver and gold jewellery, glassware, hand-painted ceramics and porcelain, antique copper and brass, Turkish leather and textile products, engravings, silverware, needle works, spices and thousands of souvenirs etc... 

To get the best price for whatever you buy in Istanbul, you can make bargain in Bazaar because it is a tradition in Turkey. The most common shopping hours are from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Grand Covered Bazaar, Spice Bazaar is the places frequently visited by tourists. The city’s famous historical bazaars offer a wonderful insight into city life.