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Visit the Istiklal Street
Visit the Istiklal Street

People who go on a walk… They compose unchangeable view of Istiklal Street. Colorful buildings, chirpy people, feasts, concerts, cinemas… You are in the hearth of Istanbul. It is the most active street of Istanbul and there are numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, book shops on Istiklal Street which is rather crowded at any time of the day and year. 

All shops cafes etc are open till late hours. This street lay between the most popular and busy square of Istanbul, Taksim and Tunel (underground). If you go to Istiklal Street for shopping The Aznavur Arcade, Atlas Arcade and Markiz Arcade are must sees. 

While you are walking, also you will be surprised how many small passages seem to be hidden on the way. One of those passages is "Cicek Pasaji" or "Flower passage" on a rococo style erected at 1876 which is famous with its restaurants, fish market and small shops. 

We definitely recommend you to walk on Istiklal Street. This is the best way that you can have an idea on how the Turks live their daily life. Walking ahead you will see the old beautiful red color tram which was renovated and still used. The best thing is walking until the end and taking the tram to come back. 

Walking straight just one way without stopping might take around 20 minutes. There is St. Antoine Church on the Istiklal Avenue which is like a haven for everyone to have few silent minutes.