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Cihangir Istanbul

The hottest point in Cihangir is probably “Firuzaga Kahvesi” (Firuzaga Cafe). The cafe is next to the two-storeyed Firuzaga Mosque, built by Sultan Bayezid II’s treasurer Firuz Aga. This simple and modest cafe is always full with people during the day and a source of the inspiration for its regulars such as writers, cartoonists, poets, performers.

 The picturesque Cihangir Mosque stands at the beginning point of Cihangir Avenue. The superstar silhouette of Istanbul unfolds beneath you. The Cihangir Mosque, was built by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificant, for his beloved son Cihangir, who died in Aleppo at the age of 22. When the mosque was totally damaged during the big fire in the eighteenth century, it was rebuilt by the architect Sarkis Balyan with the order of Abdulhamit II. The Cihangir Mosque has one dome, two minarets and vaulted windows and interiorly decorated with distinctive examples of the line art. Baroque styled Cihangir Mosque looks similar to Ortakoy Mosque.